Taking Action Against Counterfeiters in the Philippines

The success of your company hinges on your ability to enforce your intellectual property rights in the Philippines.  Your creative work is an asset to your company and must be protected to the fullest extent.

The attorneys at Federis & Associates Law Office take many measures to ensure that the only person who receives credit from your IP assets is you.  Our intellectual property lawyers take an aggressive approach to preventing counterfeiters and holding infringers accountable.  Our legal team:

  • Reviews surveillance reports, raid action plans, affidavits and search warrants
  • Presents evidence in court
  • Is hands-on in conducting raids
  • Files criminal complaints
  • Conducts cease and desist letter campaigns

We collaborate with police authorities and government officials to determine whether sufficient probable cause findings will support the application of searches and seizures.   Our team can review surveillance reports from market investigators to confirm existence of infringing goods in the market, and oversee the preparation and review of affidavits and search warrant applications before they are filed in court.

We assist in the presentation of evidence during court hearings in search warrant applications.  We make our presence available during the implementation of search warrants to provide legal guidance to police officers.  If warranted, we file criminal complaints after conducting the raids and serve as private prosecutors when the criminal cases are filed in court.

In simple terms, we act as an advocate for you.

Our team understands the importance of your intellectual property assets and works diligently to ensure your intellectual property rights are being sustained.

Trademark Enforcement in the Philippines

Owning a trademark entitles you to certain rights.  Our attorneys can explain the scope of your trademark rights and assert them if needed.  If and when you must enforce your rights to a trademark, our law office can help initiate the process.  We conduct cease and desist letter campaigns, take court and administrative actions in inter partes cases, and file complaints for trademark infringement, unfair competition and violation of intellectual property rights.

In addition, we counsel clients on the types of relief available with each type of action, the scope and limitations of each action, and the timeline involved in achieving the reliefs sought.   We actively engage in pursuing criminal enforcement actions and assist clients in all stages of anti-counterfeiting work.

Partnering With the Bureau of Customs

We enhance border protection for our clients through recordal of IPRs with the Philippine Bureau of Customs. We work closely with customs officers in the seizure proceedings of infringing goods that pass through customs.  We also work closely with customs officers in imports, and when possible, provide them with information on potential shipments of counterfeit products.

By familiarizing customs inspectors with the visual appearance of recorded trademarks, we help them spot infringing imports.

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