Trademark Clearance, Filing & Prosecution

The attorneys at Federis & Associates Law Office counsel clients on the distinctiveness of proposed trademarks and designs.  We can provide information about the availability and registration of three-dimensional marks, non-functional product shapes, and the look and feel of restaurants and theme parks.  During a trademark availability search we evaluate survey results to determine the presence of prior third party uses that can block registration and create a potential risk of infringement.

This initial research is critical to the application process.  In order to avoid delaying the application any more than necessary, it is beneficial to have intellectual property lawyers evaluate the paperwork before it is submitted.  We advise clients on the proper descriptions of goods and services in trademark applications while taking into account the local practice, scope of protection desired and potential risks.  When everything is ready to go, our associates will prepare and file trademark applications and monitor their progress throughout the entire registration process.

After a trademark is issued, there are regular maintenance requirements.  As your IP law firm, the attorneys at Federis can complete all post-registration maintenance and renewal requirements in the Philippines.  For example, we can prepare and file declarations of use and petition for renewal applications.

Our attorneys also record name, address and other title changes for trademarks, and mergers and acquisitions as well.

Foreign Trademark Filings

Our work is not restricted to the Philippines.  Our attorneys counsel clients on protecting their trademarks and designs in foreign jurisdictions.  We develop a strategy for protecting intellectual property rights in foreign countries, taking into account market expansion plans and client budgets.  Then we assist in the documentation of trademark applications and track the progress of those applications.

We routinely monitor law changes in countries where our clients’ trademarks are registered and assist in compliance with post-registration maintenance requirements of foreign trademark applications.

Filing and Maintaining Your Trademark

Our experienced IP attorneys guide clients through the entire trademark process.  If you need to protect the identity of your business with a trademark, contact the IP attorneys at Federis today.  You can contact us using the form on our homepage.

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