Raid to Confiscate “Billions of Pesos” of Counterfeit Goods Reveals Corruption

By Caesar J. Poblador

News of police seizure of counterfeits are normally taken by the usual armchair skeptics as just  manufactured press releases, like to put in a good word for the current police leadership. But it’s not another ho-hum press release anymore when the staid reporting also matter-of-factly mentions “billions of pesos” worth of counterfeit, such as the one reported in this link: The press release becomes juicy, at least, for those interested in seeing patterns and causal relationships in current global developments. And certainly, when you see “billions of pesos”, the movement of counterfeit is not a local phenomenon, but has origins beyond Philippine borders. “Billions of pesos” means the operation to move contraband is a sophisticated one, and highly funded. And since it is not possible that movement of such immense peso value can escape official scrutiny, then it is one with the corrupt participation of unscrupulous local government officials and insiders.  So skeptics, this press release is really a sign on the wall. And it is one that should sear a realization in our consciousness that the everyday exercise of consumer choice, such as buying branded articles that come at low, low prices, – yes, counterfeits, – is fraught with unintended dire consequences that reverberate around the world. For our country, the repercussion is insidious. It can potential corrupt government officials.

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